Who Is Driving Your Bus?

Imagine yourself as a bus. On board are all aspects of You. You as a baby; a young child, perhaps wounded, discounted or bullied; a fun seeking adventurer; a wise being; perhaps an inebriated you; a you that you may wish to forget all about; a you that you present when you meet someone new; a You at every stage and experience of your existence. There is also a little monkey. The monkey is your ego. He can talk but he lies. The bus can feel chaotic with all those passengers. All of these versions of yourself are always on board, along with the monkey, and they all fight for their turn to drive the bus that you think of as yourself.  At the very least, its good to be aware of exactly who is driving your bus at any given time. At the very best, you consciously choose your driver!

It is not easy to know yourself. Maybe halfway down the aisle of your bus you have hung a curtain. You make all of the aspects of yourself that you are uncomfortable with ride behind the curtain so that you can try to forget that they are there. You must take down the curtain and say hi to everyone on board. Let the sun shine into every seat on your bus. Give all the passengers a hug, especially those in the back seats. Thank them for their role in your development. They wouldn’t even be there if they weren’t an important part of your journey. They all had important lessons to teach you. After you acknowledge them and hug them, they will be content to just stay in the back and watch the scenery change.

Things can get pretty ugly when the monkey drives. He tries to separate You from the highest aspects of yourself. He feeds you a constant stream of lies so that you doubt your own worth, power and interconnectedness to all-that-is. He casts blame, judgment, ideas of separation, visions of lack, desperation, negativity, fear and anxiety so that he can keep driving the bus. He really loves to drive. Sometimes he is extremely agitated and you can actually feel him doing flips and bouncing off the windshield of your bus! When you feel unable to gently refocus your thoughts in a positive direction, just do your best to coax that monkey out of the drivers seat. Give him a yummy banana and lead him back to his seat. He, too, has his role in your life… but monkeys shouldn’t drive buses!

Children shouldn’t drive buses either. Or people in body casts. Perhaps you are aware of those times when an immature or wounded version of yourself has slipped behind the wheel. When you notice them driving, lovingly tend to their needs but escort them back to their proper seat. Make sure they are comfortable as you buckle them in. Maybe they need a juice box.

Its probably best to have a sober driver too, to increase the likelihood that you’ll get where you’re going without any major accidents, delays or unnecessary detours.

Is sad you driving the bus? While we all experience grief or depression in response to certain emotional triggers, sad you may consistently miss all the exits leading to joy. Again, honor your sad passenger’s pain but remind them that You fully intend to steer the bus toward a life of creative joy and fulfillment.

Feelings play a very important role in our lives. They help guide us. If you have persistent  emotions that make your journey uncomfortable, explore further. Wise You is trying to get your attention. You might just be blindly ignoring those “caution” or “road closed ahead” signs. Wise You always knows the best route but only speaks in whispers.

With time, practice and conscious effort, you will learn all about everyone on the bus. You will understand their role in your journey and honor their important contribution to the whole. You will recognize which driver has stepped behind the wheel during any given moment. Eventually, you will reach a point when you consciously choose your driver. When you invite the highest aspect of yourself to drive the bus, you will enjoy smooth sailing and be amazed at the beauty of all scheduled destinations. That’s when everyone on the bus can relax in comfort and join in harmonious cheer, even the monkey.

Enjoy the ride.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL https://helllouise.wordpress.com is included.












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