Life Is A Ball – Enjoy The Dance

Even if you’ve never actually attended a ball, you have a vision of what they are like from some storybook when you were a kid; or perhaps a movie or a newsreel of some grand  affair. Perhaps you dreamed of how, someday, you’d be the prince or princess floating across that dance floor. Well, you are! Your life is a ball, and remembering a few basics can help you enjoy the dance.

You have your invitation. If you are breathing, then you have been invited to attend this very special event. How exciting! Take some extra time to get ready. After all, you will feel best when you know you are presenting your best. So, give yourself some special attention from head to toe. This is a day to remember! As you dress, you may even find yourself humming a little tune in joyous anticipation of the magic at hand. OK, ready?

As you arrive, you can’t help but notice the beauty surrounding you. It is all so grand! Take a deep breath and let it soak in for a moment. The colors, the sights, the fragrances, the sounds; extraordinary! You take a long, slow breath to stretch your awareness of the moment; feeling a deep gratitude for your own presence here and now.

With a smile on your face and a spring in your step, you make your entrance. You are positively glowing with your joy! People can’t help but notice as you pass by because your energy is absolutely electric. You feel fantastic and your enthusiasm is contagious. You see friends and strangers among the crowd. You greet those you know and are perhaps introduced to some people that you haven’t met before. You spend some time talking. You laugh. Oh, you are really working your magic!

You are on the polished marble dance floor now. The music begins. You find yourself swept into rhythmic motion. Now, the thing about a dance is that it is never linear. A few steps forward, back a step or two, a twirl to the side and back again, some deep dips, a duly noted pause here and there. Its all part of the dance. Long steps, shorter steps, a few quick maneuvers to avoid crashing into other dancers. Fast dances, slow dances, dances you know and some that you try your best to learn on the fly! You miss a few steps; you stumble a few times but do your best to get back in time with the music.

How the time flies! Eventually, you find your self breathless and in need of refreshment. When this happens, you stop dancing to honor your needs. Perhaps you carry your crystal goblet out onto the veranda to cool off. You sip a beverage and feel your heartbeat slowly return to its regular pace. Ooops! A small droplet falls to stain your outfit.

The stars are magnificent! You feel the entire cosmos reflected in your eyes. You can still hear the music faintly playing from within and you know that you can rejoin the ball whenever you so desire. You are tuned into the moment. The gardens are so beautiful; the air is fresh; the entire evening has presented you with so much enjoyment! You feel so very alive that you can’t help but recognize your great fortune to be a part of it all.

When the dance finally ends and you find yourself back home drifting off to sleep, you replay the event in your mind. What you carry within your ‘cherished memories’ bank is what really matters. You will not remember that you missed a few steps or lost the beat once or twice. You will not regret that, at times, you were moving backwards. You will not remember the droplet that fell to become a stain.

The memories that you will hold dear will be the best of your experience. The striking beauty that surrounded you; the company; the laughter; the music. You will remember that you danced.

Life is a ball. Enjoy the dance.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.




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