Happy Full Moon Solstice New Year – Keep Your Head

Big changes are in the wind. Today’s full moon in Gemini will usher in crucial ‘course corrections’ in our life journey. Ready or not. Try to stay centered and aware as you ride the rising wave of unavoidable, unmistakable, emotionally charged changes to how your life looks. And by now, you have a definite inkling of which direction those changes are carrying you. You have changed. With your new eyes and open heart you can watch as relationships, perspectives or entire paradigms change. Know that everyone is experiencing a major reorientation. Some react badly! Don’t let others’ chaos throw you off point. Keep your head. Know that you are fully capable of navigating the waters.

Grabbing each available moment as it presents itself to focus and reestablish inner calm will help still the turmoil, agitation, grief, or confusion that may arise in yourself and others as the final bricks of an ancient stage crumble. Don’t worry. New foundations will solidify with the passing of the Solstice and into Spring. The new story will more better suit you. Nurture you. You will reappear to play a wiser, soul driven being acting from the deepest level of authenticity and Truth.

Be alert to those who would draw you into yesterday’s drama. Celebrate with those things and people who nurture your positive experience of life. Take the season to recharge yourself by doing only that which you do joyfully. You will feel peaceful moments when they are upon you. Notice the moments of lapse. Those spaces are allowing for the appearance of the new. Notice beauty. Once the waves of change have carried you to a new, beautiful shore (sure) you will come to appreciate the sheer magnitude of your recent journey. The terrain may be completely unfamiliar but it will be fun to explore. You will be in awe that you made the journey in relative ease.The river is powerfully rushing you toward new vistas. What you see there will make your next step absolutely clear.

So, enjoy your Holidays. Celebrate the Eternal. Honor the Divine balance that is upon us. Take time to breathe deeply into awareness as the old way draws to its natural end and the new comes into form. Keep your head as you’re transported through the rabbit hole at warp speed, Alice.

Happy New Year!

Love and peace,


© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL https://helllouise.wordpress.com is included.

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