Allow Yourself To Dance To The Eternal Rhythms Of Life

Everything on this planet is linked by and to the eternal rhythms of nature. All around us are reminders of our own connection to everything and everyone. We are not, for all of our evolutionary advancement, beyond our own natural heritage.  Although our busy lives may make us feel far removed from the simple peace, acceptance and faith that is inherent in natural rhythms, it is always there to remind us that we are a much beloved participant in a beautiful cosmic symphony. Tune in daily to this simple fact and allow your life to be gently guided to its natural state of balance and harmony.

At one point or another, everyone alive has surely had the conscious revelation of peace, belonging and Divine love from viewing phenomena of the natural world. These are simple gifts that speak to our soul. The song of a bird, the hypnotic rhythm of ocean waves coming ashore, a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, a sky full of stars, a blooming flower or tree, a child’s laugh, a gentle Spring rain, an extraordinary butterfly, a glimpse of some magnificent beast or fowl in its natural habitat. You know of what I speak. Seeing those things that silence us with awe; that expand our hearts to such a degree they barely fit within our ribs; that impart a permanent mark on our consciousness; that leave no question as to the presence of our Divine soul deep within us and the wonder of the world around us.

Yet though we all have experienced such moments, many seem to quickly forget the  message. They disconnect and quickly become reabsorbed into the hectic pace of the unnatural world. They go about their busy lives without taking the time to notice the ever present eternal rhythms that surround them; that include them. They forget to notice the ever resounding call to remember.

No matter where you live, allow your gaze to lead you back to the calm, ever present natural rhythm all around you. Look up. Notice the flight of a bird, the drifting shape of a cloud, the sun in the sky, the stars, a leaf gently carried toward Earth, a snowflake. Look down. The ant marching on the sidewalk, the bee drawing sustenance from the potted flower, a blade of grass growing throw a crack in the sidewalk, ice that will in its natural time surely melt and continue its flow back to the sea. Look within. Hear the beat of your own heart, see the growth of your hair, feel the response of your muscles as you call them to action. You are surrounded at all times with evidence that you are never alone and never disconnected from the resplendent majesty of the rhythms of life. You are resplendent.

Make noticing a habit. Allow the daily habit of noticing some natural aspect of the world, whether grand or seemingly insignificant, remind you that you are always connected to the entire realm of creation. You never live outside the bounds of its gentle embrace unless you allow the duality of your physical mind to override the Truth of your being. It is only through conscious abdication of your eternal connections that you become vulnerable to feeling alone, unloved or out of synch.

Remember to call yourself back when you are caught in the traps of maya. When feelings of frustration, depression, disconnection, unbalance or sadness have blown into your garden of life, don’t allow them to root. Simply remember to look all around you and allow yourself to dance to the eternal rhythms of life.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.



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