Building A Better You

With today’s new moon in fiery Sagittarius and with the last few weeks of 2013 upon us, it is a perfect time to take stock of what feels right in your world and what feels wrong. Find some quiet time alone to ask yourself what would be best left behind as you move forward, even if you are not consciously able to chart your course from ‘here’ to ‘there’ at this moment. Inviting your heart wisdom to clearly mark your path will be charged with all of the power of the timeless universe that resides deep within you. Building a better you is, after all, why you are here.

If you actively practice quieting your mind so that you are able to hear the quiet voice of your heart trying to get your attention, great. If you have no regular practice of silencing the endless chatter of your brain, try to go to a nearby park and walk, sit and watch the clouds or gaze out your window for a quiet period of self-reflection. You are on a mission that goes beyond the ceaseless activity of the physical realm. The trick is to get out of your own way so that your Highest path may unfold with the least interference possible. It is not always easy to trust that you are always in loving hands, but you are.

Because we are conditioned to believe that we must forge our own way through a hostile world through brute strength and dogged persistence, we sometimes push hardest against things that appear to rise up before us and block our way to our perceived earthly desires. We create many of our own hardships as we cling to what we think is our best way forward. It takes practice deciphering our feelings to really know when we should continue putting energy into some challenging aspect of life or when to concede and flow with the current of the river. Letting your heart guide you is the only undying flame in the darkness.


Perhaps you would like to change your relationship status. Getting, keeping/releasing, or avoiding  relationships seems to be a favorite activity on this planet! Your quiet heart focus will tell you if you’re being guided by Truth. Is your motive really fear or is it love?

Are you desperately seeking a significant other? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you unaccustomed to making yourself the focus of your love and attention? Are you perhaps really only ‘in love’ with the idea of being in love? Then a relationship may not best serve you at this time. Perhaps it would be best to really come to know yourself deeply so that when you find yourself in relationship again, it is not the same old drama with a different face.  If you have worked hard to truly know yourself and your motivations, a relationship can be a great source of love, support and companionship. Knowing and loving yourself first is the best way to be certain that any companion Truly complements you.

Are you wondering whether to keep an existing relationship? Does it bring you peace and joy or does it bring consistent feelings of anxiety, obsession, anger or resentment? Does it serve both equally? If ‘love’ keeps you in a relationship, examine it closely. Are you seeing things clearly? Do you spend a lot of time and energy trying to ‘fix’ or change someone? Are you perpetually trying to steer someone toward mimicking some vision that you have created in your mind? Then you might not be accepting what is. Your continued efforts may really be impeding both from destined growth.  Does the relationship help remove your mask or more firmly cement it in place? If you decide to end a relationship, do so with grace. Appreciate that the other served as a teacher to help you grow.

Perhaps you are alone because you are afraid to trust, afraid to be vulnerable or afraid to deeply connect with another. Your fears may be based on past experiences that were so painful that you are unable to move beyond them. Honor what your heart tells you. Perhaps past pains are keeping you from experiencing a much richer world.  Moving past pain and learning to let others in to the best of your ability can bring you joys that isolation cannot. Others embrace being unattached for Higher reasons. You will know by looking inward whether your heart is clenched or open.


Do you love what you do? Or do you feel that you are entrenched in a rut that is slowly sucking the life force out of you? If you maintain a daily purpose that does not bring you joy, you are cheating yourself out of the life you were destined for. Sometimes we head down some path that looks good at the time and then find ourselves ‘trapped’ by circumstance into maintaining that direction. If your inner voice leads you elsewhere, even baby steps toward your True heart’s desire will eventually lead you to that destination. Honor both yourself and those you are responsible for. There is a win/win solution. If you can’t immediately see it, just ask your soul to guide you and be patient as that path is revealed. Is there some small, simple step that you may take now toward the new direction?


Are you so busy that your days pass in unmemorable blurs that leave you exhausted? You may be trying to do too much and doing nothing very well. Take some time alone to set priorities in an order that brings your heart joy. “No” is a complete sentence. Sometimes it is the small, unnoticed moments that a frenetic schedule blocks from your awareness that are the most important. Are you drowning in clutter?

Perhaps physical clutter is weighing you down? Do you try to hold too much stuff? Taking time to unload some of that weight can do wonders. It can create room for new, fresh air to enter and circulate both physically and metaphysically. They are related! If your clutter overwhelms you, pick one, small area and clean it. Throw stuff out, give it away, hold the memory dear and relinquish the need for a physical memento of some time gone by. Being swamped with collections of stuff from the past may be diverting your attention from the gift of the Present.

Your inner consultation may bring you awareness regarding these issues or others. Whatever your quiet time alone tells you is sound and can be trusted. Going inside to ask yourself what your Highest dream might look like is an important exercise toward strengthening the muscles that connect you to Divine wisdom. Your life is about you. Continuing to build a better you is the greatest ambition that you can strive toward.

Best wishes as you find your vision. May the new you bring great joy in 2014.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.

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