Rx for Health: Play, Laughter and Joy

The body heals with play; the mind heals with laughter, the spirit heals with joy. ~Unknown

Our natural state is one of health in body, mind and spirit. Apparently, few of us exist in our natural state! All you have to do is look at people around you and at social trends in general to recognize that most people appear to be unhealthy in one or more of these categories. Many adults and children are overweight, out of shape and, well, miserable. Our prisons are packed to bursting. Pharmaceutical companies have become behemoths and dictate political and social standards. Drug and alcohol use have become mainstays of coping with lives that don’t resemble the lives we envisioned in any way. A list of examples of our general state of poor physical, mental and spiritual health is not only too long to cite here, but unnecessary. You already know. While you cannot reverse the alarming trends that exist in many contemporary societies overnight, you can make sure that you are doing what you can to personally exist within your natural state of health. How much time and energy do you expend toward fulfilling your own essential daily dose of play, laughter and joy? Are you taking your prescription?

“Yeah, well I’m just way too busy.” is NOT an acceptable retort. Yes! There is a shortage of hours in each day! But please know that you are really no good to anybody, and definitely not to yourself, if you don’t make time in your busy schedule to just have fun. Pure, simple fun, whatever that looks like to you, must be part of each day. The busier and more driven toward “success” you are, the more essential this simple prescription becomes.

If you have small children or teens at home, don’t just tell them that you love them. Show them. A few minutes of your undivided time and attention each day is worth a thousand declarations of love hurriedly uttered between “important” or “necessary” tasks. Do something fun with them. The smiles on their faces will put one on yours. They cannot thrive without your conscious attention. Daily.

Teach your children the importance of honoring self through example. “Mom/Dad is taking some time to recharge now. Grownups need playtime too.” You don’t need to justify or explain. It is a simple Truth. Doing so will teach them the importance of making time for balance; making time for fun.  They will get the message that play, laughter and joy are essential activities to balance busy lives.

People without children don’t seem to have it any easier! It seems that we are socially conditioned to operate at full throttle from dawn til dusk. More, more, more. Work, work, work. Must make that quota; must put in those hours; achieve, achieve, achieve. Do, do, do instead of be, be, be seems to be the name of the game.

Women seem to be under more stress than ever before. Sure. A successful career and a spotless home; a fashionable, ageless appearance; work like a dog but without a wisp of hair out of place; with all the demur charm of a ‘good girl’, sweet, slim, smilingly accommodating everyone’s needs but their own. Impossible!

Men suffer just as much. They must work, work, work to accumulate all of those “things” that show the world what supermen they are; to attract those successful, pure, desirable women. Ever more. Bigger, better bling, houses, cars. Their purpose is best fulfilled in the role of “provider” (right?) even though we actually moved out of caves, um, let’s see, well at least a couple of thousand years ago.

No! Things have taken a wrong turn. Or, perhaps we have just never had it ‘right’ yet. If the highlight of your day involves sipping cocktails or chugging beer, you probably aren’t honoring your inner child. If your smile is only maintained through a daily ‘happy pill’, you probably aren’t honoring your inner child. If you don’t yet know what you love to do for fun, and finding the time to do it regularly, you probably aren’t honoring your inner child. If you aren’t making time in your busy daily schedule for play, laughter and joy, you probably aren’t really living.

Don’t wait until your soul makes you pay attention to your lack of attention to that which nurtures you. Because your Higher aspect will eventually get your attention in some less-than-optimum way. Disease, injury or some other “situation” will arise to stop you in your tracks; to demand that you pay more attention to being than doing; to make you completely aware of the importance of play, laughter and joy within your busy life.

Have fun.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL https://helllouise.wordpress.com is included.

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