Your Life Is About You – How Do You Feel?

How do you feel today? Getting into the habit of checking in with yourself frequently and consciously noting how you feel is a sure way to gauge whether the activities that you are involved with support your well being. Many people today aren’t in the habit of listening to what their bodies and their heart are trying to get them to hear.  If you make the choice to connect to your internal GPS, it will never steer you wrong.

It may take some practice to silence the monkey in your brain long enough to make a strong inner connection so that detailed guidance from your soul can be heard loud and clear, but with practice everything gets easier. Start practicing now. Your first body scan might be just a general feeling like “great”, “excited”, “terrible”, “tired”, “drained”.  Yeah! clap clap clap. You have learned to look inward. Your feelings are telling you what you need and the degree to which your needs are or are not being met. By consciously acknowledging them, you have set forth an unspoken intention to connect with Higher parts of yourself.

Many of us aren’t taught that we all have our own answers, our own unique path to follow and our own best way to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Instead, many are taught to suppress their own intuition and inner guidance to either fit in better, to feed someone else’s ego or vision of what is ‘right’, or simply to avoid the potential challenges that may be encountered when one chooses to follow non-traditional societal norms. One size does not fit all! No one else is better qualified than you to know what the best course of action is for your own growth.

To make your path as easy and enjoyable as it can be, first be sure that you are firmly rooted in your own Higher knowing. Western societies in particular seem determined to  condition people to mask their feelings and physical symptoms as soon as they arise. We are taught to look outward. We are taught to hide our feelings. Millions of people on this planet try to escape their own inner wisdom through drugs, alcohol, packed daily calendars, focusing exclusively on ‘others’ or a wide variety of diversionary techniques to avoid looking within and connecting to their own power. They are taught via media that what they seek may be found in a pill bottle, a new car, an endless party, a particular soap, fragrance, wardrobe or brand of whiskey. Don’t get lost on detours.

Whose advice are you following? Is your life a grind? Are you doing things simply because they are ‘expected’ of you? Because that’s just what people your age ‘should’ be doing? Because somewhere you were fed a belief that doing so would be the key to your happiness? Because you don’t know of anything better to do? Where do you fall on your own priority list?

It is essential to develop your internal link to Your Higher knowledge and to check in often. You are living a life that is particularly suited to providing your soul with opportunities to evolve, to resolve former sticking points, to heal wounds that may have been clogging your karmic pipes for a very long time, to reach new milestones of advancement. Only you have this particular set of objectives. While you may share similar experiences with others, the course of the entire path is yours alone to walk.

Discussing options or dilemmas with others can provide input that may be of value as you make an important decision. Perhaps their input strikes a chord deep within; perhaps they provide a perspective that you hadn’t considered; perhaps they give you new information. But you have to be certain of exactly where they are coming from. Is their advice based on love? Does it provide a win/win solution for all involved? Or are they unconsciously feeding? Are they projecting? Are they coming from a place of their own unconscious wounds? Are they trying to force feed you a one size fits all prescription for “success”? You also have to be sure of your interpretation. Are you being influenced by erroneous beliefs? Are you avoiding? Are you giving away your power instead of embracing it? Knowing yourself deeply is the only way to accurately translate guidance. You must be certain that your receiver is not clogged with static, yours or anyone elses.

When you deeply know, stay the course. Perhaps others think they are accurately translating your situation or action and voice objection. They do not have all the information. Even if they are intimately familiar with you, they do not know the Higher reasons that you have incarnated. Perhaps you don’t either, but you have them none-the-less. It is often a life’s journey to uncover our True objectives. Only a few come in with such clarity and strength of purpose that there is never any doubt.

Be open to change. We may take a path or assume a role that we were strongly guided toward but then find that things reach a point where we  feel a perceptible, persistent, undefined change. Embrace the notion that perhaps that role has come to an end. Your evolution is happening. If you are unclear about what you are being guided toward, wait. If your path seems obscured by fog, wait. The time hasn’t quite arrived. But don’t doubt your feeling. Your path will unfold with crystal clarity. Meanwhile, keep practicing your inner connection. Do no harm. Ask to be shown in no uncertain terms the direction of your Highest path.

Keep in touch with your feelings. They exist to guide you. As you become adept at going within, your feelings will become a well honed, shining beacon for you to follow no matter how dark the night.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.






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