We are much more complex than most of the people on this planet realize. I often notice people during the course of my day and, from what I see, I feel that the word ‘most’ is quite appropriate in that first sentence. It seems that the majority of people are acting and reacting from the lower planes of their existence. But every single human being has Higher dimensions of themselves that are trying to break through the glass ceiling of their consciousness.  One of the ways your higher aspects may be trying to deliver a message to you is through your dreams.

One great tool for subconsciously exploring and contacting our Higher selves is dreaming. If you miss the message it’s OK. Be gentle on yourself. Your loving soul is patient and persistent. It will find other ways to get your attention. You may notice synchronicity in small events that give you pause, even if for a moment. You may hear an unexpected song playing that holds great meaning to you. You may see that the car in front of you in traffic has a bumper sticker that somehow plays into whatever question(s) you find yourself internally debating. Such things, and many more out of the ordinary ‘glitches’, can indeed be subtle messages from Higher Source.

Everybody dreams. Perhaps you are someone who doesn’t remember their dreams. Perhaps you lose the thread within seconds of your waking. Or perhaps you remember every detail even when you wish you didn’t! Nightmares are only the processing of deep fears. They are designed to clear out the darkest corners of psychic closets that we would rather keep locked tight.  Dreamscapes can be very weird! Or, dreams can take you to the other extreme. They may put you in another time or place, perhaps with people that have already transitioned to Higher realms, such that you try to resist awaking back to the ‘real’ world. Some dreams are so strong and realistic that they affect your entire day. You may even recall a certain dream for months, even years. Perhaps you have the same dream many times.

Dreams have power. Pay attention. You have power. When it’s time for sleep, you eventually become comfortable in your bed; you begin to relax and breathe deeper. As your brain naturally alters its rhythms, set the intention that you will remember your dreams.  Your intentions are another tool available to begin to crystallize etheric energy into form. Ask and you shall, indeed, receive. If you are currently seeking some solution or guidance to a particular dilemma which seems unsolvable, specifically ask that your dreams contain wisdom to help steer you in the direction that would most benefit your growth and understanding.

Then, off you go! Off to that other world where you are no longer limited by the constraints of your physical existence.  Where you naturally get out of your own way and receive messages of extraordinary origin.

Many people keep dream journals nearby so that they can scribble even a few words of dream images during the night without fully surfacing into consciousness. Perhaps you take advantage of a groggy morning brain and write down your dreams as soon as you open your eyes, before the information fades. Perhaps you don’t write dream information down at all. If not, try to plant a few images from your dreams into a conscious memory bank so that you are able to retrieve it when you have time to explore it further.

While many of us do not have a village shaman or medicine man or woman to help us interpret our dreams, there are plenty of resources available to help you interpret your dreams. Perhaps the messages are clearly understandable to you. If not, and you are seriously interested in exploring your dream messages, invest in a dream book or simply go to a library or bookstore with your note pad ready. Or do your dream research online.

You will find that many dream images that may seem somewhat scary or dark are really powerfully healing messages. Some things that may repulse your conscious self are positive and welcome messengers in your dreams. Perhaps you will discover that the messages of your dreams lead to further questions. That’s OK. Peel the onion. One of the wonderful things about being human is that we process information on many levels beyond our conscious awareness. You can be growing and evolving at a soul level even as your physical self is taking care of countless mundane tasks that may fill your day.

Eventually, you will get to the core message of your dream.  Allow yourself to follow where your inner guide leads. Always be compassionate to yourself. If you are not quite ready to move forward on a dream message or if you don’t know how, know that you are still right on track. Allow the unfolding knowledge to slowly and gently guide your actions. Be open to receiving further guidance. You will receive it whether your eyes are open or closed. You will be guided down your path as you are willing. You are never truly alone. You are always connected to Higher realms even if you don’t realize it. It’s a beautiful part of being human.

We are able to connect to a deeper wisdom every night in our dreams. Know that. Perhaps you will even look forward to the end of your day’s activities so that you may again float through the magical mists of your subconscious mind,  …”To sleep, perchance to dream…” as William Shakespeare once wrote.

Sweet dreams.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL https://helllouise.wordpress.com is included.

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