The Art of Living

Some times are harder than others! When I have difficulty regaining my balance and find that my clarity is temporarily obscured by a combination of forces that seem determined to knock me off my feet, I turn to beauty to help me regain my happy middle ground. Life is not a science with predictable, consistent results. Rather, life is an art.

When creating a great piece of art, the artist takes whatever medium they have close at hand, taps into their inspiration, and gets to work. It doesn’t matter if others approve of their art, or even like it! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All that really matters is that the artist creates. Whether a piece of art is born through creative outlets such as painting, drawing, writing, music, photography, film, building or through some less common expression, it takes both the artist and the viewer to a place beyond the ordinary.

But what to do when your inspiration is not readily found? When you just aren’t able to gather your materials? When your canvas seems destined to remain blank because you just can’t find your muse? When your own creative energy is ebbing rather than flowing? When your force is weak?

At those times, you may find joy and inspiration by exploring the art of others. The internet is a wonderful tool for exploring whatever interests you. Read. If you don’t seem able to focus enough to concentrate on the written word, listen to music. Close your eyes and just listen. Look at work by other artists. Look until you find something that takes you beyond yourself.

I have recently been enjoying the work of artist Gregory Colbert. His videos and photography hush the monkey in my brain and take me to a place between realms. He combines nature and art in extraordinary collages of life. After even a short time spent viewing his work, I find that I am calm and balanced. I am reminded of my gratitude and appreciation for life.

Here is a sample of Gregory Colbert’s work:

gregory colbert

His Ashes and Snow exhibition is extraordinary. I highly recommend these films as a means to regain your peace. You can find his work at

There is a limitless abundance of inspiration available through the art of others to help you through a dark moment. We are all humans from the same village. If your well is dry, turn to a neighbor for a hand. The creations of others can help us resume our own art of living from a higher and more connected place.



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