Sometimes We All Need A Hug

Sometimes life feels static, predicable and full of the same. Such times lull you into believing that life just doesn’t change  Do you appreciate those times? Even if you feel resistance to a seeming monotonous existence, try to feel appreciation for the conditions and people that are present in your day. For, inevitably, you will notice the wheels of life turning. Hugs are always good, but when we sense changes taking us into new territory,  we may especially need a hug.

When you do sense big changes in the wind, it can be very difficult to maintain your inner balance. You may feel fine one minute and the next minute emotions that you didn’t even realize existed within you have broken free from somewhere deep inside. Your train has left the station, and you find yourself en route to an unknown destination.

A hug can help during times of personal transformation and change, whether large or small, when you are not quite able to find your center and balance. We all need contact, love and a sense of being joined to other humans. If there are not people readily available when you really need a hug to comfort you, here is a site that will help you feel better.

It will convince your brain that you are surrounded in a loving hug. If you don’t need a hug, perhaps you are in a prime position to give a hug. Hugs are mutually beneficial. The need for giving and receiving hugs is something we share with everyone on this planet. Sometimes we all just need a hug.



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