Sunrise After A Storm

Sunrise today brought a perceptible calm that resounded through my being. I sat outside and drank the beauty of the world. Everything within range of my earthly eyes and ears reminded me in cosmic symphony how truly loved I am to be gifted with this miracle of another day on this beautiful planet. I have been smiling all day in peaceful gratitude and hope that you are aware that you are also a guest of honor at this ongoing Divine festival of life. I am, again, reminded to not take the distractions of life too seriously. Sometimes the irony and difficulty of living brings laughter to my lips as a preferred alternative to looking up “Soylent Green Factory” in the yellow pages and calling to schedule an appointment. It has been an especially challenging few decades years days for this Libran! Calamity happens. Sometimes the challenges of life seem overwhelming. They sometimes conspire to pick you up and to fold you into a wad of flavorless, spent human gum, to be wrapped carelessly in a torn corner of the script of how your life was supposed to look and casually tossed in the nearest waste receptacle.  Challenge is nothing new to Hell-Louise, nor to you, nor to any human. Being human is a package deal.

With practice, however, you learn to unfold yourself and balance the challenging forces at play in your life with the benevolent energy that swirls all around you, omnipresent, supportive and loving. The more challenge you experience, the more adept you will become at this art of allowing the force of yet another maelstrom attempt to drain your vitality, courage, and perseverance as you stand, tall and unruffled, amidst turmoil.  Personal distress is largely dependent on how you choose to see things; how much you limit yourself to overly investing your attention and energy into that which has manifested to challenge you.

I am not saying that suffering, agony and despair are not real. They exist in a seeming preponderance! Perhaps you have not  experienced these in your own life. Perhaps you have had only a fleeting nip by the fangs of those ravenous wolves. Perhaps you are in a time and place in your life where you are so familiar with being gashed and battered that you have come to think it is your new ‘normal’. Take heart. Practice makes perfect. Even if you are in the middle of the greatest challenge that you have ever faced, you will come to deeply internalize the message that, if you can survive this, you truly can survive anything. Your current storm can only rage as you allow it, in both intensity and duration.

Eventually, you laugh. The dust settles. You wake up; you see and feel all that makes being human such a worthwhile and beautiful experience. No matter how painful those extreme fluctuations can be, you eventually find that you are a master at returning to your center. Your increasing experience assures that it will take less and less time to find steady, dry ground when something happens that would knock less experienced contenders off of their feet. The next storm will find you steadfast and more grounded in the power of your heart. You will find yourself rendered speechless by the beauty of the next sunrise. And its always sunrise somewhere.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.

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