Rise and Shine – Your Waking Moments Set Your Tone

How do you rejoin the physical world upon awaking each day?

Do you usually stumble out of bed, groggy and crabby, needing that first caffeinated drink to get you going? Do you feel somewhat disappointed to find yourself back in the ‘real’ world, with the same life and problems awaiting you? Maybe you don’t think anything but rather go through your morning routine still asleep; comfortably numb for as long as possible? Is your rising an enjoyable experience?  If not, you might want to try an experiment.

Our first conscious projections of the day are important! It is how we set our frequency for the coming hours. If your rising is anything less than wonderful, commit to trying something new for two weeks. You may need a little time to retrain your brain, so commit to the full two weeks.  First, find a memory that will help you remember a preferable morning feeling. Remember a time that you had something exciting planned for the day, something extraordinary. Something that you couldn’t wait to begin! Maybe it was the day a special outing was planned, a special visit, a great vacation, a birthday, or holiday.

Remember exactly how you felt that morning. Envision it fully. You were so excited that you could barely fall asleep the night before! Even so, the instant you became conscious you remembered what this day promised. Joy! Inspiration! Exhilaration! You woke up refreshed and full of life, no matter how many hours of sleep you missed! You just couldn’t wait to begin your day! Maybe you were a kid, waking up with a happy holler because you just couldn’t contain your excitement. You were absolutely brimming with your joy. You literally jumped out of bed, wide awake in a moment. Remember that morning until you can actually feel that same feeling.

Your ‘Set the Morning Tone’ experiment involves you recalling that experience every morning for two weeks. Before you get out of bed, while you are still half asleep, remember that memory. Call it to the forefront of your mind. Relive that wonderful morning. See yourself at whatever age you were when this wonderful morning occurred. Relive it in every detail you can muster. You will actually begin to feel the same feelings that you felt then. Our brains are just that powerful. You will likely have a smile on your face when you are deeply immersed in this memory. When you really feel those same, wonderful feelings, then get out of bed knowing that you have the power of those good vibes within you.

This practice has power on various levels. One, your happy, awakened heart will help you sail unscathed through anything less than wonderful that your day may hold. You will be a full cup, with plenty of positive energy to sip throughout the day, and share with others.  Two, because you are operating at your highest possible frequency, you will be much more likely to notice and take advantage of the opportunities that are bound to present themselves to you.  Three, by choosing (and actually working!) to start your day in this state of joy, excitement and eager anticipation, you are sending a physically imperceptible message to the universe… more happiness please! I love to be in joy! I DO BELIEVE I am going to have a great day! I DO BELIEVE that magic awaits me!

Because you have more power to shape your world than you may be aware of, and because you are a beloved child of (your Divine source), you will likely find more of the joy which you seek, quickly and without effort. Doors open, as if by magic, when you call the energy of your own Highest being from your heart, consciously, each morning. Things will just naturally unfold for you, happy things, things that will help you have more of those special mornings when you just can’t wait to start a new day.

Here’s to actually living your best dream…..



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL https://helllouise.wordpress.com is included.

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