Power Through Change

Are you struggling? Really? Why?

The struggle is in your mind.

Sometimes, the ‘harder’ your immediate circumstance, the more resistant you become to allowing change to occur. What is known feels ‘safe’, so it is natural to feel fear if something unexpected happens. We resist change out of fear. Perhaps you’ve lost a job, a loved one, a marriage, a house, a friend. Perhaps some combination of events has radically changed your world. Perhaps control of your life seems shaken or even non-existent!  You can’t change what has led you to this point. It has happened. “You Are Here”.  What you can do, where your power is hidden, is in how you assimilate the change into your Being. The goal is to be able to understand some positive gift the lesson contains, find your balance, set a positive new course and keep moving forward.

The greater the challenge, the bigger the life lesson it contains. Really big life lessons are catalysts for soul evolution.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, just take a second to be aware of You, You standing or sitting there, reading this right Now. You. Yes You. You are an eternal soul with a body. That part of you, the ever-present, the connection to (your word for Divinity here) that is centered within your heart, is always there; awaiting your contact, your prayer, your request, your attention.

If you are experiencing some form of ‘crash and burn’ right now, take heart.  How do you do that? You literally take a second to focus on your heart and take a deep breath. That’s it. You did it. Yeah for you! Want to really “up” the sensation? Take another long, deep breath. You are really doing it Now!! clap clap clap Shine on, eternal soul!

Instead of just allowing your initial human reactions/feelings to persist beyond their natural first appearance (i.e. feelings of being a ‘victim’, a helpless sufferer full of self-doubt; lost, grieving and powerless), try as quickly as possible to reconnect to that eternal part of yourself. That is your Power. That is your ever present guide and teacher, healer and protector. To connect, just breathe and focus there for a moment. Trust what you find there.

Once you have experienced personal hardship or challenge of any type, your first Act of Power is choosing how you react. Are you connected? At heightened awareness? Are your eyes wide open? Do you consciously seek the gift that is hidden within the circumstance? Do you react with calm grace and gratitude? Do you act with faith and love?

Or do you act out in anger? Do you reject what you see before you; or try to ignore or hide from it?  Do you desperately try to control nature? Would you do anything to avoid accepting these lessons? Do you seek to blame yourself, others, the world? Then you are disconnected from your true power.  You have been manipulated by circumstance into believing that you are an isolated entity, alone, vulnerable, unloved, powerless.  This is impossible, even if the limitations of your own awareness tell you such lies.

So, have faith in the presence of your own eternal chord of connection. Have faith that, no matter what you see before you or how afraid and alone you may feel, just breath and link to that chord in your heart. It connects you to eternal wisdom and All else. The greater the challenge, the stronger a spiritual warrior you really Are, should you choose to accept the mission!

However it has happened, you now find yourself at a point of new beginning. That is the wonderful thing about new beginnings. They are always there; awaiting your eager recognition and grasp; awaiting you to energize that potential tomorrow. The ripples that you set in motion in this moment will become the wave that will carry you to your future. There is power in that. Dream your best dream. Take the time to really envision what you want that future to look like. Do this Now.

Move things along in the easiest and most beautiful way you can. Just have awareness of your eternal internal connection (your Heart consciousness).  Then, choose those things that feel most balanced and of greatest mutual interest with others that may be sharing the moment with you. Value yourself equally! Sometimes we feel best taking small steps, sometimes we feel confident enough to take great strides. Honor your inner wisdom.

Don’t judge the change that you are experiencing. Don’t abuse yourself by analyzing the change. Don’t get stuck in reliving life pre-change. Just accept the change, live in the moment, and make each small act of power thereafter an act of conscious choice.  That is how you navigate hardship and challenge. The less traumatic, less injurious route will be the one of less extreme reaction. Don’t expect things to remain static and unchanging. The universe undulates; change, integration and balance, change, integration and balance. Just do the best you can in each moment. Go with the flow, dance to the tune that you hear right now. You can’t always change the world, but you can always maintain your connection with your heart and inner wisdom, and do your best to bring that into the world. Know that even now, your best dream is forming just beyond the scope of your vision; the “empowered You” dream.

The more you practice this ‘connection and focus skill’ within your life, the stronger you become. “Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff”, as Richard Carlson said. Truly know that your power is unconditional; it is not dependent on any external event, person, situation or condition. You will grow to trust this certainty, to navigate what is before you without anxiety or fear, to recognize your own guidance toward that which is your Highest expression where you live closely connected to your own power.

Be kind to your self on the way. If you have ever had an experience and thought that you ‘could have’ handled things ‘better’, then you have learned from that experience. Progress! Aha! Hardship always shows you your strength. Each time you practice something, you get better at it. It comes more naturally. You are learning to be the best you can be. It’s a process.

When you observe the moment, take a deep breath and focus on your Heart, you have taken power over your reaction.  Success. Eventually, you will find yourself steadfast in any storm. You will be firmly rooted.

What are your changes telling you? Are you listening?




© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL https://helllouise.wordpress.com is included.

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