Finding Your Power – Part 2

Being in your power is something that you have experienced many times in your life, but you may not have recognized it for what it was. Being in your true power is an energy. Humans are a natural bridge between the dimension of form and the ethereal realms. Humans create. How do you unlock your power to become an active participant in creating the highest possible expression of your power right here on Earth?

Its about balance. Its about frequency. It really is about love.

Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.
~ de Exupery, The Little Prince

You are much more than just another person. You undoubtedly know, on some level, that you are a soul having a(nother?) human experience. Your parent’s religion probably introduced you to the concept of the human soul early in your life, whether it was how to make sure that your soul ended up in heaven instead of hell, or how to embrace your Divine nature rather than your egoic nature, or how to ensure that you are happier in your next lifetime. The important knowledge was that you somehow contain both Divine and human natures housed within a physical body.

Human nature lives in your brain. It is your ego.  Divine nature lives in your heart. It is your soul.

Our world is out of balance because for many thousands of years humans gave the keys to the kingdom exclusively to their brains; to their egos. As ancient knowledge was lost, mankind depended more and more on ego to help it survive and thrive on a threatening and dangerous planet. And it was dangerous! Humans made it so. In an ever expanding quest for earthly power, humans fell deeper and deeper into the illusion that what they saw with their eyes was all that mattered. Ego said, “More, more, more!” Violence, brutality and conquest often meant survival.  People considered themselves supreme, righteous, justified and even blessed as they killed each other. They had religious ceremonies to honor their version of a Supreme Divine Source, and then immediately fell out of contact with that deity when they stood up to leave the service. This continues today.

Ego is not a ‘bad’ thing. It motivates humans to BE in their body, to focus their attention on the physical world in which they live. Ego causes humans to seek to improve themselves and how they live and express themselves. Hey! I have feet! I can run faster than the wind! Hey! I have hands! I can create something beautiful and useful out of this clay! Hey, I can think and share my brilliant thoughts with other people! Oh joy! I am certainly the very best of all! Oh wonderful me! It is natural for humans to create. Ego is a tool.

It is living exclusively in ego, in our brain, that leads to unbalanced creation. Ego looks outside of us. Ego thinks that one is separate from others and that it is the best!  Ego thinks that only its path is right; or that more ‘things’ lead to happiness. These are examples of ego’s erroneous, endless chattering in our brain. All of the huge problems in our contemporary world were created by ego run amuck. Ego cannot solve these problems. It can only create them. We all know what unbridled ego looks like. It is horrible to behold! We have seen it in others (tee hee). Ego inevitably grows and, if left unchecked, leads to ruination; of people, of relationships, of societies, and even of entire planets. Let’s try to avoid that!

Ego must be tempered with heart. Heart, or soul, knows better ways to BE. The human heart contains our passion. It is the birthplace of all that is beautiful. Heart leads to peace, acceptance, joy, and balance. Heart houses our Divine nature. Heart is our connection to higher realms. Heart is the key to ancient knowledge. Heart generates the greatest power in the cosmos. That power is Love. Those words have been said by all of the greatest teachers, visionaries, prophets, wise men, and priestesses who have ever lived, yet many people today still don’t really embrace that Truth.  Many people don’t allow that fact to take root in their consciousness. To them, it is just a string of words that tickles the edges of their perception as it flies away.

It is True. Love is not just an abstract thought to motivate poets, artists and musicians to create masterpieces. Love is not just some feeling that attracts people to one another. Love is a frequency, the highest frequency of all. Love is a portal, a gateway to our Divine nature. Nothing anywhere is stronger than love.

Modern science is just beginning to broach quantum understanding. Everything is made of energy.  Astounding discoveries are being made every day about the properties of matter and energy in laboratories all around the world. These discoveries are reshaping human understanding of reality.

We are beginning to understand that our thoughts are frequencies. Our thoughts have real power. Our thoughts create feelings that either elevate us or sink us. Try to live each day, each moment, in elevated frequencies. It just feels ‘better’, yes? When we are angry, sad, afraid, confused, exhausted or tense, our frequency is very low. Clunk. Blah. Snark. We are vibrating very slowly. When we are happy, enthusiastic, peaceful, hopeful, inspired or grateful, we vibrate faster. The faster we vibrate, the ‘better’ the energy we emit and attract. Our vibration has the power to effect all that we come in contact with and create. Within our higher frequencies live the highest aspects of our own nature, our Divine nature.  This is where we thrive. This is where we feel best. This is where we do our best being. This is where our True power is.

To begin to understand how you can master your own power, just observe yourself. Start tuning in to yourself. What brings you joy? What makes you expand? What brings you down? What makes you contract? As you begin to be able to recognize these feelings within yourself, you can begin to make more empowered choices about what to do, what to think and how to act. Choose those things, activities, people and thoughts that raise your vibration.

For now, focus on making your own life as vibrant and enjoyable as it can be. As you learn to embrace and expand into your own higher frequencies, you cannot help but to lead others by example toward theirs. Humans are always aware of things that they cannot see with their eyes even if they don’t know that. We sense energies, even if subconsciously. It is part of our nature.

You cannot start by saving the world. Start by saving yourself. As you become stronger, as you become more adept at working with your own energy, you will naturally help others through the omnipresent thread of human connection. You will eventually be strong enough to shine the light of love into the darkest void without fear or hesitation.

Begin being. Find your power. You are incredibly important. You are important to other people, to all other life as you know it and to life beyond your knowing. You are important to the survival of this planet. You are important to the balance of the cosmos.



© Louise Kearns 2013. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.

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