How To Create A More Loving Relationship

Part of my morning routine includes positive, inspirational reading to further help me embrace each day feeling uplifted, connected and joyful. One of the sites that I visit regularly is the DailyOM ( I really love the DailyOM!

A recent article posted there will enable you to improve your relationships with others and can help you transform your entire relationship with life. It is entitled, “How To Create A More Loving Relationship” by Gina Lake. I can’t recommend it highly enough! This article is an introduction to an online course by the same title that Gina offers for as little as $1. One dollar USD. Wow! Thank you Gina! I just had to share. Here is a direct link to the article Enjoy.



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Awash In The New

Exhale a long deep sigh of relief as we are finally awash in the new. Whew! Seemed a long time coming but notice those lighter energies! Do you feel lighter, fresher, ready to welcome the new however it looks in your life? Today’s new moon in Aquarius coincides with the start of the Chinese New Year of the Wood horse ; plus tomorrow Venus, the planet of love and beauty, begins going direct after weeks of being retrograde.  New, new and new! Continue reading

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Who Is Driving Your Bus?

Imagine yourself as a bus. On board are all aspects of You. You as a baby; a young child, perhaps wounded, discounted or bullied; a fun seeking adventurer; a wise being; perhaps an inebriated you; a you that you may wish to forget all about; a you that you present when you meet someone new; a You at every stage and experience of your existence. There is also a little monkey. The monkey is your ego. He can talk but he lies. The bus can feel chaotic with all those passengers. All of these versions of yourself are always on board, along with the monkey, and they all fight for their turn to drive the bus that you think of as yourself.  At the very least, its good to be aware of exactly who is driving your bus at any given time. At the very best, you consciously choose your driver! Continue reading

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Life Is A Ball – Enjoy The Dance

Even if you’ve never actually attended a ball, you have a vision of what they are like from some storybook when you were a kid; or perhaps a movie or a newsreel of some grand  affair. Perhaps you dreamed of how, someday, you’d be the prince or princess floating across that dance floor. Well, you are! Your life is a ball, and remembering a few basics can help you enjoy the dance. Continue reading

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The Golden Rule Is Ancient Wisdom That The World Needs Today

The Golden Rule is a simple ancient maxim that says, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” This wisdom could change the world if we would all strive to truly incorporate it into our daily lives.  Does your personal credo include this ethic? Continue reading

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Life Is A Journey Of Spirit – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Consciously realize that you are on a spiritual journey from the moment you draw breath to the last breath you draw. Acknowledging this fact of existence can make your life easier in many ways. All human lives contain good moments, bad moments and even truly ugly moments.  You are an eternal spirit having a human experience.  If you can hold this Truth closely and allow it to guide your actions and translate your experiences, you will save yourself much suffering.

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” ~ Buddha Continue reading

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Positive Focus On Change – Endings Are A New Beginning

Change can be a source of fear, anxiety, self-doubt and confusion. Change is an inevitable aspect of human existence, though, and we must all learn to embrace it! Sometimes change slowly creeps up on us until one day we realize that some aspect of our life or ourselves has completely transformed. Sometimes change hits us unexpectedly like a baseball bat wielded by a hidden assailant. If you resist change, it won’t go away! Your resistance will only throw you further out of alignment with your own well being. When life throws you a curve ball, try to envision it as a spiritually-guided course correction. Life is not a series of endings, it is a series of new beginnings that will allow you to grow in new directions that can more fully support your ever expanding awareness and growth. Continue reading

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